13 April 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--Hiller Cemetery

Ok, this is may be a quickie posting. We are having computer problems here and I need to post fast before everything gets lost. And save often.
I find Hiller (or Hillers Cemetery as the sign states) rather interesting. For one thing, this is another where we have a different name in our files and in our transcription book than shows here on the sign. We also have a section in our book labeled Hiller, but the few names listed there are for a different cemetery in another part of the county. So we have no transcript of the graves here.
So we will go with what we have here. Most of the pictures, other than the one above seem to show the same group of stones, just from different angles.
There are about four or so with wooden crosses that have artificial flowers fastened to them, all in a row. Also visible in this picture is a divided bordered plot. This one is divided down the middle and the border appears to be made with landscape timbers rather than cement.
This picture above shows just about all of the stones in the cemetery. There is one tall one on the right, and both new granite and the older obelisk shaped ones. You can see the crosses a little better in this picture.
Here again in this picture you can see the flowered crosses. Clearly the grass is kept mowed, but just as clearly, this is cemetery has a lot of open spaces.

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