05 January 2012

Coming Soon To This Space

Before long, we hope to end the long drought. About a year or so ago, this blog was forced to be suspended. It has started as a departmental blog for our local history room where both Sandy and I were employed. The purpose was to share our love for history and cemeteries, as well as help publicize our department.
However, the director who had originally approved the blog decided he didn't approve the time spent on it. And after funding cuts, both of us were let go at the end of 2011.
We are in the process of setting up a new historical research center. We hope to be able to resume full time blogging soon. As well as providing a place for local historians and genealogists to continue their research with knowledgeable assistance from Sandy and I.
Since the local history room at the library is now open only 3 mornings and 1 afternoon a week, and is staffed by someone who is a rookie at local history (and knows nothing of genealogy), we hope the new center is up and running soon.
So please watch this space. We hope to be back at it soon.
I better find some more cemetery pictures.