29 April 2010

Obituary--Mrs George Bode

Here is another of those obituaries were the woman's first name is never mentioned. The only way you can get clue to even her maiden name is in the next of kin. And even then it isn't clear.

From the 13 March 1913 Fremont TimesIndicator.

Succumbs to Cancer at Her Home after a Protracted Illness of More than Two Years.

The death of Mrs George Bode occurred last Saturday morning at her home in the south part of the city, after a long illness from cancer. Mrs. Bode had been ill for more than two years during which time every means known to the science of medicine was exhausted to bring relief but to no avail. Several months ago she resorted to the Christian Science faith but only death relieved her suffering.
Mrs. Bode was born in Pleasant Lake, Indiana, April 5, 1870. She remained a resident of that place until 1 January 1894 when she was married to George Bode of this city. Since their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Bode have made Fremont their home.
No children were born to this union but Mr and Mrs. Bode adopted a baby girl from the children's home at St. Joseph, about nine years ago. That child, whom they named Marie, died at the age of three years.
Nrs Bode was a member of the Eastern Star, the Rebekah's and the L.O.T.M.M. She was also long a member of the local Methodist Episcopal Church.
In the passing of Mrs. Bode, this city loses a lady distinguished for her charitable acts and kindly and generous nature. The many beautiful floral offerings received from different parts of the state as well as from local friends attest the affectionate regard in which she was held by all who knew her.
The funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon from the home and the body was laid at rest in Maple Grove cemetery.
Those attending from out of the city were Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Shafer, the latter a sister, and Wm. and Shirley Teagarden, brothers of Mrs. Bode, and Louis Shafer, a nephew, all of Pleasant Lake, Ind; Benj. Geerds, of Holland; Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Norris of Walkerville; Mrs Mary Giles, of Comstock Park; Mrs. R. J. Titus of Grant; and L. C. Gilbert, of Big Rapids.

So typical of the era, extolling her goodness and Christian virtues. Did you notice that she "resorted" to Christian Science faith, but they still mentioned her longtime membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church?
Another item that is typical of this time is her membership in so many lodges. In the time before television and radio, people had to actually socialize in person! How times change.

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