22 April 2010

Continued--Obituary of George R Dempkey

Ok, where did we leave off? Oh yes. (I couldn't help it, it was the best cliffhanger in the entire article.)

from the 15 July 1926 Fremont Times Indicator.

"Don't shoot, George, don't---"

And so we continue...

The report of a revolver cut this sentence short. It was followed by five more, and when silence again fell Mrs. Carlson was lying on the floor between the kitchen and dining room with her jugular vein severed and two bullets piercing her shoulder and upper arm. Demkey lying dead with a bullet in his heart in the refrigerator room while Mr. Carlson was breathing his last at the foot of the steps on a side porch whence he staggered and fell when a bullet caught him in the neck, also severing his jugular vein. One shot missed, shattering the glass in a kitchen window.
Neighbor Call Police
When the shooting started, Bernard ran next door and called Mrs. Iverson who notified the police and then rushed over to the Carlson home. Mrs George Demkey, 19, and Rose Carlson, 17, were at work at the Brunswick-Balke-Collendar company at the time of the shooting and were immediately notified. Besides Mrs Demkey, and Rose, Bernard and Lucille, there are four other Carlson children, Mabel, 15 years old; Donald 10; Palmer 5; and Milton 2. They were playing about the neighborhood when the killing took place and were unaware of anything wrong until the ambulance drove in front of their home.
The bodies were taken from Mercy hospital, where they were taken in the hope of finding some signs of life to the Balbirnie Funeral Home.
Funeral services for Mr. and Mrs. Carlson were held Monday afternoon at 2:30 from the Swedish Mission church, First street and Muskegon avenue of which they were members. The Rev Robert Peterson, pastor officiated.
Arrangements have not yet been made for the burial of Demkey.
Was On Vacation
Mr Carlson was employed at the Shaw-Walker company, but was on vacation this week. Besides the children, he leaves three brothers, Gus Carlson of Octavius street, Charles Carlson of Yuba street, and Elmer Carlson corner of Summit avenue and Glendale Street, Muskegon Heights, and two sisters Mrs. Mary Johnson, of Yuba street, and Mrs Anna Schoquist, of Chicago.
Mrs. Carlson is survived by two brothers Joseph McShannock of this city, and Fred McChannock of St. Paul Minnesota, and one sister, Mrs. Hattie Masterbrook of Fruitport.
Dempkey, whose home originally was in Fremont, leaves besides the widow and baby, four brothers, Archie of Apple avenue, James of Fremont, Henry of Hesperia and David from Pensylvania. The Demkeys were married two years ago.
Mr. Carlson was born in Sweden and came to Muskegon with is parents when a child. Mrs. carlson was born here and lived in the city until her marriage in 1904. They then moved to Fruitland until a year ago when they came here.
The other crimes which have gained state-wide attention, are the Three Lakes bombing the latter part of May, when Asa K Bartlett mailed an infernal machine to Supervisor August Krubasch, of Three Lakes township, which killed Mr. Krubasch, his daughter, Jeanette, and her fiance, William Frankee; the shooting to death by Lawrence Hilt of his wife Mrs. Rose Hilt and her mother, Mrs Ella hale, and his immediate suicide in Muskegon Heights two weeks ago, and the death of David Rice, colored, by Isaac Pulett, also colored, the middle of May in a crap game at Muskegon Heights. --Muskegon Chronicle.
The body of Mr. Demkey was brought here and funeral services were held from the home of his brother Sunday afternoon. The body was interred in the Lincoln township cemetery.

I had the feeling that this was a reprint from the Muskegon newspaper. And sure enough it was.
Did you also notice that this was an entire week after the shooting? One of the drawbacks of a weekly small town paper. Did you also notice the lack of "alleged"? Everything is reported as strictly fact.

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