09 April 2010

Obituary--Henri Wildie

I found a couple interesting articles from the 27 November 1878 edition of the Fremont Times Indicator. This one shows the dangers of life as our community was growing. The "Good Old Days" were not all all as they seemed on television.

Henri Wildie, one of the oldest residents of the south-western part of Sheridan, cam to town a few days ago and was detained quite late. When about a mile from town he was thrown from his wagon, one of the wheels passing over his head. Drs. Ellis and Nave were sent for, and found him pretty badly injured. He was brought back to town and will recover in a short time. Too much care can not be taken in driving over our rough roads, as an unpleasant stump is liable at any time to cause serious trouble. ---LATER: After the above was in type, unfavorable symptoms manifested themselves and Wildie died at nine o'clock Saturday night. He laves a wife and several children, who will be in comfortable circumstances.

Some thoughts here: He ran over his own head? When did you ever see that portrayed in a John Wayne movie or a Roy Rogers episode? (Ok, ok, I know I'm dating myself.) And then the last line about his wife and children will be in comfortable circumstances. It seems Mr Wildie was a prudent guy, other than that running over himself thing.


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  2. Nice to see this post, and that about the Wilde cemetery. Henry Wilde was my great-great-great grandfather. His death certificate states "run over while drunk". Maybe that sheds a little bit of light on the incident! The differences in spelling can be attributed to the pronounciation the the name: spelled "Wilde", pronouced "Wildie".
    J. Cyr, Austin, Texas


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