11 April 2010

Obituary--James M. Young

This obituary is taken from the same issue of the paper as the last one 27 November 1878 Fremont Times Indicator. This is another story of a veteran who moved to our area. The article doesn't say if he enlisted from New York or was already in Michigan at that time. Many veterans came to this area after the Civil War.

Died, 20th inst., of inflammation of the lungs, James M. Young. Mr Young was born in Batavia, N.Y. in 1812, and was at the time of his death 66 years of age. He was a man of much more than ordinary natural ability, and was at one time a preacher of the gospel. Upon the breaking out of the war, he entered the army, and received a severe wound, from which he never fully recovered. He died at the residence of T. L Waters, and received all the care that could be bestowed. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Saunders at the M. E. church. Mr Saunders took for his text one selected by the deceased--"I have fought the good fight; I have finished my course; I have kept the faith; henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness." Deceased leaves a wife and two small children, besides two sons, who were present at his funeral.

T. L Waters is a local hero, a veteran of the Civil War, and for a time imprisoned in Andersonville. I wonder if they knew each other before their service. I also love the last sentence. Apparently then he left 4 children: 2 small and 2 adult. The proof readers back then must have loved to leave things ambiguous.

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