03 April 2010


This article is from an issue of the paper (Presumably Fremont Times Indicator, under whatever name it had then) dated 12 March 1879. You may think the veterans it refers to is from the Civil War. But guess again!

Three veterans of the war of 1812 have died in Michigan within the past month. James Bates, in Geneva, Van Buren county, aged 75; John J Reed, South Lyon, Oakland county, aged 91, Samuel Spaulding, of Lake Ridge, Lenawee county aged 90, leaving a wife to whom he had been married 71 years, 12 children, 32 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, 2 great great grandchildren. At the present rate the crop of veterans will son be exhausted, and then what will we do on the 4th of July?

Unfortunately, as we all know, the crop of veterans isn't going to run out soon.

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