08 April 2010

Obituary--(Young Man) Montague

I think that the main reason I found this obituary so intriguing is the fact that the young man's name is Monague, and the nearby towns of Whitehall and Montague are across the river from each other.

From the 14 August 1878 Fremont Times Indicator.

A young man by the name of Montague, from Whitehall, was drowned last Sunday in a small lake near Swam's lumber camp. It appears that there was but one boat upon the lake, which was a very small one-man canoe, and Montague had been in the habit of riding in it, much against the wishes of many of his comrades, on account of his being unable to swim. He had been warned often to stay out of it, there being no way possible for any one to help him if he should upset. But being confident of his ability to navigate with it, he continued his sport, each time risking his life, until the result above stated. His body was recovered.

His age is not given in this article. From his attitude "being confident of his ability", I can only surmise young adult, late teen. Right about that "I am invincible" age.

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