25 April 2010

Obituary--Mrs Irene M Stanley

Here is another, from the same paper as the previous obituary. Not so long, this also is a reprint from the Muskegon Chronicle.

15 July 1926, Fremont Times Indicator.


Mrs. Irene M. Stanley, 76, formerly a resident of Hesperia, who had been an inmate of the Soldiers' Home hospital in Grand Rapids for the past two years, was found drowned in the pond of the home. She had been missing from the hospital since Wednesday. dr. H. C. Wolfe, Kent county coroner , after an investigation, stated the death was probably intentional.
The woman had planned to go on a two weeks' vacation Wednesday and had purchased her ticket. She wet to the Comstock Park station early Wednesday morning but later returned saying she had missed her train.
Later in the day, she went out of the hospital, saying to Miss Lettie Hummer, another inmate, that if she did not return she wished her clothes to be given to the Salvation army.
Elmer Blaisdell, a member of the home, was searching for berries near the shore of the pond when he discovered the woman's body lying in shallow water about 10 feet from shore. He notified authorities and Deputy Sheriff Andrew Zoet responded to a call to the office of Sheriff William f. Smith.
The only relative is a nephew, John A. Davis, of Hesperia, with whom the woman had planned to spend her vacation. she had been in poor health. ---Muskegon Chronicle.

The Soldier's Home mentioned here almost sounds like a prision. Did you notice that while Elmer was a "member" of the home, the women were "inmate"s?

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