27 April 2010

James T Battles

I can't let Linda have the last say on this one.
I just about put my back out loading the stone into my car after it was delivered to the library. Who knew they were so heavy! I won't even try to tell you what it was like getting it out. Lesson learned always make sure they have correct delivery information. It was a worth while project and we had such wonderful news coverage and support. It has started a new project for me I would love to try to get as many unmarked Civil War Vets in Newaygo County a stone that I can. So if anyone has information on one please let me know.
This project brought so many groups together from all over Michigan it was great. I'd love to do it again.

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  1. This is a special project. But I can't believe you actually lifted and loaded the stone into your car. Mercy!


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