29 June 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--Newaygo Cemetery

This week our featured cemetery is the city cemetery of Newaygo. Again this is one that I have not stopped at, but just driven by. High above the river valley, it is a large and impressive cemetery.
Because of the size of the cemetery, I will treat it as I did the Fremont city cemetery and first talk about it in general and give pictures of the cemetery and next time concentrate on individual stones.
These pictures give a sense of the size of Newaygo Cemetery. Notice the old and new stones, weathered limestone and marble, along the shiny new black granite.
The Newaygo Cemetery is filled with many large oak and pine trees. And notice how this view shows such clear rows. Nothing haphazard here.
Another section, filled with newer stones, but also clearly showing in the background, room available for the future.
I mentioned it was high above the river, and you can see that this rolling hillside presents some drawbacks. but the steps inlaid into the slope show thoughtful planning as well as careful maintenance.
You may remember back in April we did several posts on James T. Battles. He was the black Civil War veteran that did not have a stone.
If you go here and to the next couple posts, you can read more about the story. This is a picture of Sandy, and our friend Terry Wantz with the man who officiated at the dedication of Mr. Battles memorial stone.
Newaygo cemetery is the final resting place for both James and his wife Sarah Battles.
Next week, some of the interesting individual stones.

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