01 June 2010

Thank you Cindy

Thank you for the award. Linda does 99.9% of this blog and I seem to do The Newaygo County Cemetery ladies more. She keeps it sweet while rant and tell my views more. We do have a interesting mix between the two of us.

Linda told me to tell of three ancestors it is difficult I have had people on both sides of the Salem Witch trials in Salem Massachusetts. One burned in "the Burning Times" in Europe. Hannah Dustin who was a Indian captive married into the Colby family. Oh so many great ones right down the the horse thieves, farmers and pastors.

ANTHONY COLBY was the first Colby in America that I can trace back to. He is interesting to research. Anthony Colby (November 13, 1792 – July 13, 1873) was an American businessman and politician from New London, New Hampshire. He owned and operated a grist mill and a stage line, and served one term as Governor of New Hampshire. For twenty years (1850-1870) he was a trustee of Dartmouth College.

LAURA INGALLS WILDER author of "Little House on The Prairie" books.

PARDON TILLINGHAST is another great one that I enjoy researching.Tillinghast settled in Providence, Rhode Island and on November 19, 1645 was admitted as a resident and allotted a share as a proprietor. He served as pastor of the First Baptist Church in Providence without remuneration from 1678 until his death in 1717. He was the author of "Water-Baptism Plainly Proved by Scripture to Be a Gospel Precept" (Boston, 1689). In 1700 at his own expense, Tillinghast built the first meeting-house of the First Baptist Church, the oldest Baptist congregation in America. In 1711 Tillinghast deeded the building to the church and described the church as adhering to Six Principle Baptist principles. Tillinghast worked as a merchant and served as a member of the house of deputies (representatives), and in various official posts within the town of Providence. Tillinghast died in Providence, Rhode Island, 19 January, 1718.

Oh so many tales from our ancestors it is hard to only tell of only a few.

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