22 June 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--Mount Calavry Cemetery

This week's cemetery is the local Catholic Cemetery associated with All Saints Catholic Church, Mt Calvary Cemetery. It is a fairly recent looking cemetery, with wide open areas that sets in a rural area, south of Fremont.
Our pictures contain no closeup views of individual stones, but you can see from these pictures the pastoral settings, with farm land nearby, and many trees. As you can see they are not very large trees.
Such a peaceful looking place.
It is true to its Catholic heritage in the midst of this Dutch community, and a lovely and active cemetery.
While I am not sure, but I think that previous to the start of this cemetery, all the area Catholics were served by the church in the small nearby community of Brunswick. St. Michael's Church, located there, has an older and fuller cemetery. I suspect, that St. Michael's, situated on the county line, was the Catholic church for most of the Catholics in this area, prior to the establish of All Saints.

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