23 June 2010

Obituary--Robert Boyd

This obituary is one that was originally published in the Newaygo Republican and reprinted in the Times-Indicator. A typical obituary from the time, with gory details galore.

As reprinted in the 31 December 1919 Fremont Times-Indicator.


Robert Boyd, Living East of Newaygo, Consumed by Flames December 19.

(Newaygo Republican.)

Robert Boyd, a veteran of the Civil war, and for many years a resident of this county, was burned to death in his cabin on the edge of Surrarera Prairie, about six miles east of Newaygo, Friday night, December 19.
Wesley Boyd, a son, was out doing the evening chores. The father, 88 years of age, was alone in the cabin except for the dog. It was his habit to wrap himself in a quilt and stand or sit by the stove. Presumably the quilt caught on fire or the old man may have died suddenly and fallen into the flames. When Wesley saw the smoke, the interior of the cabin was burning so firecely that he could render no assistance. The cabin, built of logs, held a hot fire throughout the night. The body was recovered the next morning, badly burned, by Glenn Rice, the undertaker. The dog died with his master.
A large family of boys and girls survive the deceased who came to Newaygo county many years ago from Indiana.
The funeral services were held at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning from the Oak Grove cemetery. Rev. Mr. Truman preached the funeral sermon.

Cheery little obit, huh? I am assuming that the "large family of boys and girls" are his grown children, if he was 88. Some names would have been nice.

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  1. They didn't have enough excitement back in those days so this was really good reading I'm sure.


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