13 June 2010

Obituary--Giles Townsend

One thing I have noticed in posting these old obituaries is the changes in spelling and other usage. You never hear someone using "o'clock" anymore. and notice how the titles have evolved. Civil war, instead of Civil War, as used so often now. The White River, was then just the White river. Funny how both language and customs change.

From the 1 April 1915 Fremont Times-Indicator.

The death of Giles Townsend a pioneer and a veteran of the Civil war, occurred at his home here march 15, at the age of 82 years after a brief illness. Mr Townsend was a familiar character of this region, being famed far and near as a hunter and fisherman. Game in its season was always to be found in his home and some of his associates asserted that hew hew the location of every fish in White river. Mr. Townsend came to Newaygo county before the outbreak of the Civil war. He enlisted and served throughout the war. In November, 1865, he was married to Myra Rogers who survives him. No children were born to them. Mr. and Mrs . Townsend lived on their farm in Greenwood township from the time they were married until he became so infirm he was no longer able to work the farm, when they sold it and moved to Hesperia. Mr. Townsend leaves an aged and almost helpless wife, and a brother in Petoskey to mourn their loss. Mr. Henry Newlin and his sister, Mrs. Eva Berkholder, of Detroit are the only living relatives of Mrs. Townsend. The funeral was held at the house last Thursday at 1:30 o'clock, Rev. Geo. VanWingerden officiating. The Grand Army attended in a body and marched with the body to East cemetery. Mrs. Townsend has the heartfelt sympathy of the (illigible line of microfilm) companion who thought of her every want while living, giving her the tender sympathy and care in her helplessness that only a loving helpmate can give.

I am adding the Mrs. Robertson tag, because it is her area and time, even if she isn't listed as the correspondent for this obituary. The details are in her style. While not so excited as some she has written, this could still be her work.

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