09 June 2010

Obituary--Frank Robbins

While this obituary could be written by Mrs. Robertson, the style isn't quite the same. The time period works, but while there is loads of details, the writer here is rather detached, unlike Mrs. Robertson's personal touch. If she wrote this, perhaps she didn't know him.
From the 13 July 1916 Fremont Times-Indicator.

Despondent because his son Corporal Roy Robbins of Company G 32nd Michigan Infantry, the Muskegon Rifles, was called out on national guard duty, Frank Robbins who has lived near Hesperia all his life, a farmer in the McLaren Lake district 3 1/2 miles north, committed suicide last Thursday morning by hanging himself in h8s barn. He was about 60 years of age. Mr. Robbins has not been well for some time and has acted queerly since his son died last spring and his last and only son left for Grayling, and his family has been watching him. But he slipped away ad harnessed his horses, climbed a ladder and tied the hayfork rope around his neck and jumped to his death. When found later by Tom McLaren, Walter Linstead and Chas. Robbins, his neck was broken. No inquest was thought necessary. The funeral was held from the house last Sunday at 10 a. m., Rev. Oldt officiating. Interment in West cemetery.

So rich in some details, yet lacking in others; birthdate, parents, survivors, spouse. But if the details are a bit gruesome, you can bet they were always included back then.


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  2. I agree with you about the gruesome details being included back years ago. I often read obits that I WISH I knew why or how the person died. I have two suicide obits that I may eventually post...as soon as I know it won't upset any apple carts!


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