08 June 2010

Tombestone Tuesday--Maple Grove's Indian Cemetery

This is the final week of touring Fremont's Maple Grove Cemetery. Tucked away in one of the back corners, next to the fair ground is the old Indian Cemetery, which predates Maple Grove.
While part of Maple Grove, it is has its own sign.
As you can see in the grass behind the sign, there are not many graves here, or at least any grave stones. According to the local legend, when a local squaw traded for some maple sugar for 2 dozen eggs, she boiled them and ate them all. After suffering from a violent stomach ache, she died three hours later. At time there was no Indian cemetery (because some locals were still suspicious of them), so a local Indian farmer, Henry Pego, donated a portion of his land as the Indian cemetery and she was buried there. That land fell in to disarray for some time but today is kept neat and tidy along with the rest of Maple Grove. While there are only 30 some known graves here, there are many more unknown.
Only a few of these graves have stones on them. Several are flat on the ground to prevent further breaking.
This one survives and while the cross (which is on several of the stones) is clearly visible, the name is not. A lovely shaped stone though.
This one, is perhaps part of a double stone. Again, a cross, although smaller here, and the name is unreadable.
As you can see here, few of the stones are totally intact. But I am glad that the recognition remains.

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