25 May 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--Maple Grove Cemetery (Overview)

Maple Grove Cemetery is the main cemetery in the city of Fremont. The "new" cemetery if you will, established in 1879. I know I did do a brief posting on the cemetery before, but that was when our blog was still in the early days. Now that I've gotten my stride, I decided that Maple Grove deserved to be touched on again. In fact, I may even do a few weeks on it, since it is so big.
With the creation of Maple Grove, cemetery, the old Pioneer Cemetery became decayed and many families moved their family members to the new cemetery. In 1928 more were moved from Pioneer Cemetery and it was basically abandoned. (More on that cemetery in the future.)
Today, I'll focus on the overall cemetery. The entrance to Maple Grove is quite impressive, with the long approach. The drive through the cemetery has several loops both left and right as you get inside.
The cemetery is a bit rolling and has some majestic trees. In the summer, it is a favorite place for joggers and power walkers to exercise in the shade. My mother-in-law lived just down the street and our family found it a peaceful place for an "after a big dinner" stroll.
The big monument in the background here is the Civil War veterans memorial. When we did our Cemetery Walk a few years ago, a Civil War re-enactor set up his pup-tent nearby and did his talk in full uniform.
Not all the cemetery is shady, but it is well kept up and manicured. When Mr Charles Hoad was appointed sexton, in 1913, he helped to beautify it, planting many of the trees and sodding much of the area. Much of the charm of this cemetery come from the huge trees.
And in addition to the older areas shown above, There are many newer stones, both in the newly expanded sections and also scattered amongst the older graves.
We also have some gorgeous mausoleums. This one brings to mind the candy store owned by this family with marble counters.
And heck......
even the utility shed is impressive. Notice outline in the brick from the older door.
Next week or the following, I'll focus on individual graves, as well as the section known as the Indian Cemetery.

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