16 May 2010

Oituary--Mrs Emily Jackson

This obituary starts in typical "Mrs Robertson" fashion with the town being shocked. But before going on to the obituary, I want to fill you in on the Big Meeting that is mentioned here.
If you google "Big Meeting" and Hesperia, you can find a copy of The School Journal, Vol. 65, dated July 5 1902. In it is an article beginning on page 40 (The School as a Culture Center) that refers to the Hesperia movement which was the source of the Big Meetings. The movement was started when some grange members met in autumn of 1892. It was conceived as an effort to bring together the community and encourage the desire to "read the better literature, hear the sweetest song, the eloquent lecture, see the beauty of painting". I would liken the Big Meetings to being like a Chautauqua meeting. It was a big tent meeting held in February for a long weekend. People came from miles around to enjoy the speakers, frequently braving rather harsh elements according to articles I have seen. From the information in the School Journal I surmise the Big Meeting started around 1893. This obituary is dated 1917, so the movement continued for many years. For another glimpse of the Big Meeting, check here.
Now on the the obituary.

From the 8 February 1917 Fremont Times-Indicator.

Hesperia was inexpressibly shocked last Saturday night just as the Big Meeting was out when the word cam flashing into town that Mrs Emily Jackson had just passed away. Mrs Jackson wa a much loved woman and it is with the keenest regret that we record this sad message. Although in failing health her wonderful spirits and ambition kept her always doing for somebody. Just before the holidays she went to Fremont to spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Bird, where she passed away. The body was brought over to Hesperia last Sunday where the funeral services will be held. Mrs Jackson leaves to mourn their loss, six daughters and three sons, Mrs duncan Becker, Mrs Rex maze, Mrs Wm. Bird, Laura, Edna, Mari and Leila Jackson, and John, Henry and Will Jackson, all of whom reside in Hesperia with the exception of Mrs Will Bird, who resides in Fremont, and Will who is somewhere in the West.

Elsewhere in the same issue of the paper, in other columns were these two notices.

While Miss Edna Jackson was in Hesperia attending the Big Meeting she received the sad news that her mother, Mrs. Jackson, had died very suddenly in the home of her daughter, Mrs Will Bird, in Fremont. There will be no school in Miss Jackson's room until next Monday.

So apparently Miss Edna was a teacher. The community gossip columns were usually organized by country school district, so which ever column this appeared in was probably when Miss Jackson taught. This next article was apparently from the Fremont proper gossip column.

Mrs Emily Jackson of Hesperia died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm. bird, in this city last Saturday at the age of 60 years. Mrs Jackson was spending the winter with Mr. and Mrs. Bird. The body was taken to Hesperia Sunday and the funeral services were held from her home Tuesday.

Due to the many area community news (gossip?) columns back then and on up past the 1950's it is not uncommon in these older editions of the paper to find many items listed in various sections. In this case it is perfectly logical to have several notices if Mrs Jackson was from Hesperia, died in Fremont and had a daughter who taught in a nearby country school.

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