22 May 2010

Obituary--Israel Clark

This obituary is not credited to Mrs. Robertson in the original paper. A careful reading however, leads me to believe it must be one of hers. The setting is Hesperia; the town is shocked, there are minute details; and there is just the right touch of drama and sympathy.

From the 25 November 1915 Fremont Times Indicator:

Hesperia was again shocked last Thursday night when the news went forth that Israel Clark, another old pioneer, had suddenly died. Mr. Clark had retired for the night and was talking to his wife. She went to wait upon her aged bed-ridden mother and when she came back he was making a peculiar noise, and died without a struggle before Mrs. Clark could reach the 'phone to summon help. M.r Clark had not been in robust health but was able to go down to town every day. He came to Hesperia in 1877 and has not lived more than two miles away from it. Failing health made him give up the farm and they have lived in the village for several years. He served his country in its struggle during the civil war. He was married to Mrs. Celia Hale 36 years ago. No children were born to this union. Mrs. John McGhan, of Grand Rapids is their adopted daughter. Mr. Clark will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He was a quiet, inoffensive man and exemplary in his home surroundings. Mrs. Clark has the sincere sympathy of all. She is left alone with an aged mother who fell and broke her hip a few weeks ago and will never walk again. The funeral was held at the house at two o'clock Sunday afternoon. Rev. M. Klerekoper officiated. Many friends and old neighbors gathered to pay their last sad tribute of respect. The casket was covered with beautiful flowers, showing the esteem in which the deceased was held. Interment in East cemetery. Those attending the funeral from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. John McGhan, and Levi Waterman, of Grand Rapids and Geo. Boyer of Blue Island. Ill.

I just love the opening line of this obituary. Can't you just picture an turn of the century Paul Revere wannabe dashing from house spreading the news? Well, maybe, its just me.

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