01 May 2010

Obituary--George Alfred Graham

This obituary is full of goodness and light, obviously not written by someone who did not like him. Many obituaries of this area are full of background information that you certainly do not see today.

From the 1 January 1913 Fremont TiimesIndicator:


George Alfred Graham, more familiarly known as Fred Graham, was born near Kingston, Canada, July 16, 1862, and departed this life at his late home in Fremont Friday, December 27, at 10:30 p.m.
Mr. Graham was of Scotch-Iris extraction, splendid stock, that has given a good account of itself in the settlement and development of this country in various localities, both north and south. When he was two years of age his parents with eight children came to this county, taking up government land near Bridgeton, endured all the hardships and privations incident to life in a new and uncleared country. His parents lived honorable and exemplary Christian lives and rounded out their full cycle of years and died full of faith and in the love and esteem of their friends. As might be expected they bequeathed the richest of heritages to their children, an example of piety and Christian conduct beside a certain well defined predisposition to a religious life.
Fred was converted and joined the Baptist church when 24 years old. but moving from the farm to Fremont and then to Muskegon, Grand Rapids and then to Fremont again, his church relations were allowed to lapse, and the only regret he seemed to have when visited by the writer, was that his christian life has not been of uniform earnestness and devotion, yet he was always a good man and much respected.
In his last ilness he renewed his covenant vows with God and experienced a happy assurance of His favor, and by his own request was taken into the membership of the M. E. church and died in the triumphs of the christian faith. He was married to Jessie Holmes, August 17, 1884. she has been a faithful wife and the comfort of her husband during the weeks of his suffering and with their son, Harry C. survives the husband and father. There are also living two sisters, Mrs Rice of New York; and Mrs Harry of Muskegon.
During his illness he was presented with a splendid purse from his fellow employees in the tannery. He also received a beautiful Christmas present from the same source.
The funeral took place from the M. E. church, Monday at 10 a. m., and the remains laid to rest in the Bridgeton cemetery, Rev. W. J. Cross, the writer, officiating.

Well that was out of left field. In the last paragraph his pastor is revealed to be the author of the obituary. That explains a lot about how it was written. I can just image his sermons.

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