27 October 2009

Tombstone Tuesday--Maple Grove

The pictures today are from the big main Fremont, Michigan cemetery: Maple Grove. This cemetery is quite old and has stones ranging from early 1900's to the current year. Even the old broken ones are preserved as much as possible.
These are some of my favorite stones. They are made in the form of trees. There are several in the cemetery. One plot even has a couple stumps, with a matching bench. They are usually made of concrete, though other materials have been sighted. Every item shown, like the lilies on the bottom of the tree have symbolic meanings. A subject no doubt for a future posting

The monument back near the flag is the Civil War Veterans Memorial. When we had the Cemetery Walks, we had a Civil War re-enactor stationed here, in his uniform and with his pup tent.
And I always love the more rustic stones like this one. I would like to find a natural granite boulder (fairly common around this area) and just have a brass plaque posted with Hubby and I each listed.

While fairly plain, it has a substantial look about it that I enjoy.

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  1. I just finished spended 2 hours searching for a grave in a old southern graveyard. I like the old rustic stones too. Like your pictures and blog.


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