06 May 2010

Obituary--Mrs Horace Jenne

One thing I love about old obituaries is the detail. They are so much more than a mere statement of facts. This one is a fine example.

From 29 February 1912, Fremont TimesIndicator:

Mrs. Horace Jenne

Mrs. Horace Jenne passed away at the home of her son, Hamilton, last Saturday morning after an illness of nearly two weeks. Mrs. Jenne has been in poor health for a long time and about two weeks ago was stricken with paralysis from which she never rallied.
Mrs. Jenne came to the wilds of Newaygo county with her husband, in 1855. She at her first supper by the light of a brush-wood fire; she held the distinction of owning the first kerosene lamp in Newaygo county. In her country's hour of need she saw her husband march away to the war of the rebellion.
They lived on their farm one mile east and one mile south of Hesperia, as long as they were able to work it. Mrs. Jenne was noted for her love of flowers, always having the choicest in her home and in her garden. Growing too feeble to work, they were obliged to sell their beautiful home and they moved to Fremont, where they lived for several years. they wanted to be nearer their son and old friends so they moved to Hesperia. After getting nicely settled there they both became so feeble that they could not live alone, so they went to their son Hamilton's, where they have since resided.
Mrs. Jenne was an active worker in the Presbyterian church and society and when the writer was secretary of their society, Mrs. Jenne gave one tenth of his pension every month, towards missions. They were both so interested in the work of missions.
In the passing of Mrs. Jenne another pioneer, wife and mother has left us and we regret her passing because it was such people as she that have made our country great. She has left one son, Hamilton, an aged husband and a host of sorrowing relatives and friends who deeply mourn their loss.
Monday at 2 p.m. funeral services were held in the Presbyterian church, Rev. Lawton officiating. Interment in East cemetery. Notwithstanding the blizzard that was raging the people turned out in large numbers to do honor to her memory.

(Now that's how I want to go, in a raging blizzard.)
And wouldn't you want to be remembered like that? Owner of the first kerosene lamp in Newaygo county.
No where in this particular obituary is there mention of the name of "the writer", but something in me just knows it is my favorite obit writer, Mrs William Robertson. She has such flair, and is not afraid to express a little drama.

I think I will go through some of the future obituaries I've pulled from our records and do a little series on them.
Just because I like her.

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