24 May 2010

Obituary--Mildred Wilson

Another in the "Mrs. Robertson" series. This one is credited to her as the correspondent. But even with out it, the style and phrases are all hers.

From the 2 December 1915 Fremont Times-Indicator:


Mrs. Wm. Robertson, Correspondent
The Body of Miss Mildred Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson, was brought from Woodville for burial last Saturday. Mildred was born in Hesperia and when quite a girl she moved with her parents to a farm in Woodville where she died. She was a member of the Senior class in the White Cloud high school. A short time ago she was seized with an illness which proved to be tuberculosis. She was aware of her condition and was prepared. The night before she died her classmates sent her a beautiful wreath of roses. She was able to look at them and appreciate them and left loving messages to all. The wreath was placed with many other beautiful flowers on the casket. The funeral was held in Woodville Saturday, Rev. Cole officiating and on Sunday Rev. George Vanwingerden held a short service at the home of Mrs. George Seymour. The deceased would 21 years old in January. In the blush of young womanhood when life with all its possibilities was opening up before her, standing on the threshold of the future wondering what it had in store for her, the ruthless Reaper cut her down in her bloom and beauty, and we will still keep on asking, "why was it so." Sheaves a father, mother, two brothers and three sisters to mourn and many sorrowing relatives and friends. Interment in East cemetery.

One of the things I like about Mrs Robertson is she can be writing along in a fairly sober obituary and then she gets the creative streak acting up. "In the blush of young womanhood," "the ruthless reaper cut her down." She must have had a great romance novel bottled up inside her somewhere.

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