30 January 2010

Obituary John B Gibb

This is one of our favorite death notices. I suppose it isn’t really an obituary in the classic sense, but you sure get a taste of what Mr. Gibb must have been like.

From the Fremont Times Indicator dated 18 December 1879, a reprint, it says, from the Times of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
The Grand Rapids Times says John B Gibb, of Sheridan, died of starvation. Well if he did it was his own fault. He had plenty of property and could have lived in comfort had he not been so miserly. He lived in a wretched hovel on unwholesome food while accumulating for his heirs. The lesson is most sad.

I wonder if his heirs appreciated their inheritance.

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  1. This was a laugh out loud and chuckle for the rest of the day post ... thank you for sharing!!


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