12 January 2010

Thank you for the award

We are so excited that we received another award. It is so cool to realize that people really do read what we write. We do enjoy doing them and love the comments and letters we get in return.
Now the hard part to do 10 things that make me happy and 5 favorite blogs. This is hard.

Things That Make Me Happy

1. My husband, it is kinda scary I actually married a man who can keep up with me and keep me on my toes. We match perfectly. It took me two tries but I found the perfect man for me. Spoiling me is also a big plus for him. His kids have become part of my life and I love them all.

2. My family, they make me crazy. I come from a family of 5 kids, 2 brothers and 2 sisters and then me the baby. My Mother did a good job raising us but created free thinkers and opinionated people who are all set in their ways. But we have great humor, love and respect for one another.

3. My furry babies. Sheba and Sophie are the center point of my life. Sheba is the perfect poodle and more of a child than dog (she is my sun, moon and the stars). I never wanted a Pomeranian they were the bottom of my want list but Sophie has won me over those little worried brown eyes that can melt a iceberg.

4. Sunsets, my husband and I escape often to go to Lake Michigan just to sit and walk and enjoy the sunsets. It is time for us just to relax and be at peace and refocus. Put things in perspective a mini vacation.

5. Traveling and experiencing new adventures, new people and places. We enjoy traveling and looking for the out of way places that shows what the place really is about. We stay away from resorts and tourist places. Always looking for sun rises, sunsets and nature.

6. Friends What is life without them? I have some great friends who are like family. They make life worth living. What is the saying someone to laugh with and cry with and know they still will be your friend even if you tell them your secrets.

7. A good book there is nothing like snuggling up with a good book. In this age of digital books you appreciate them more. The smell, feel its like curling up with a old friend on a cold winters night and a hot cup of tea.

8. I love the snow but not the cold. Seeing the fresh snow on the pine trees coming home the other night was so beautiful. So many people head south for the winter but they miss such beauty.

9. Good Music especially the blues and jazz. The best therapy out there. It can transport you to another place and time or just smooth your soul.

10. laughter from a child full of innocence and full of hope for tomorrow.

Five Favorite Blogs:

This is very difficult there are so many.

1. A Spectacular Mess is a wonderful blog very artistic with new and wonderful ideas. Always something new and fun on it.

2. The Cemetery Club This is a wonderful site keeping you informed of news about cemeteries and information on preservation. Interesting tidbits about the world of cemeteries. Always enjoyable to read.

3. Isle Royal by Captain Ben Kilpela always is fun to read bringing back wonderful memories. I love Isle Royale it is a little piece of heaven that has fallen to earth. I only wish he posted more often. I have hiked it many times and even though it wasn't always easy it was always worth it. Captain Ben has been taking people to the Island for many years and knows the island in all her moods.

4. The Digital Cemetery A informative site and a fun read. I am always interested in what is new one the site. Very well done. Unusual photos and information keeping things fresh.

5. Personal Past meditations - A Genealogical Blog This is a great site well thought out and very interesting. I always enjoy seeing what new posts have been added.

There are so many great sites out there it is hard to pick just 5. I enjoy so many. Thank you again for the award and comments.

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