31 January 2010

Obituary-- Mrs. Charles Kempf

This is an obituary of a woman who has intrigued me since I got married. We live on a smallish farm in Newaygo County. My husband had told me of the tale of a woman who lived there and was 8 months pregnant and died after being kicked by a cow. Yeah, great tale to be telling a newly wed who farm girl who wants babies. Anyway, hubby Had not idea of the name of the woman, or when it happened. Years later, while working here at the library I was entering the date from an obituary when it sounded familiar. I looked closer, and it was her. Only know as Mrs. Charles Kempf, literally from my home, here is her story.

From the pages of the 5 October 1922 Fremont Times Indicator.


Mrs. Charles Kempf, who lives two miles north of Sitka, died early Monday morning at her home as the result of an accident which occurred Sunday night. Mrs. Kempf was engaged in milking on of the cows on the Kempf farm Sunday evening when the animal kicked her violently in the abdomen, the effects of which caused her death a few hours later. Mrs. Kempf was in a delicate condition at the time of the accident and was to have become a mother within a few weeks. Besides her husband, she is survived by seven children, the oldest of which is twelve years.
The funeral services will be held at the home this afternoon at 1 o’clock and from the Holton Methodist Episcopal church at 2 o’clock. Interment will be in Holton cemetery.

And from the local community column:
The Community was greatly shocked to hear of the death of Mrs. Charles Kempf who was kicked by a cow Sunday evening and died before morning. She leaves a large family of children and a host of friends to mourn her loss.

OK, first of all, let me get this off my chest. WHAT is her NAME? That has bugged me forever, and I still didn’t have her first name after reading this. More on that tomorrow.
Second of all, don’t you just love that she was “in a delicate condition” and was to “become a mother in a few weeks.” Come on, she already had seven children!
More to follow tomorrow.

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  1. The REAL Mrs. Charles Kempf is Flora Carmichael, born in MI 8 Jan 1889. Her parents were from Canada. I came across this site while researching an adoption. I had to go look up Newaygo County to figure out the answer to this sad obituary. Interesting site, nice work, Divas!


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