04 January 2010

Obituary--David Wilson Baker

This obituary is interesting due to the historical nature. Here was one of those border state citizens who had a hard time getting to where he could fight on the side he favored. And even though I know my Civil War ancestor died in 1933, it is hard to believe there were actual Civil War Veterans alive less than 25 years before I was born. (no counting, please.)

5 August 1926 Fremont Times Indicator


The ranks of the Civil War veterans living in Fremont were thinned this week by the passing of David Wilson Baker. This leaves but 12 members of the Grand Army of the Republic in this vicinity.

Mr. Baker was just past his 86th year. During his residence here of over 50 years, he was in the employ of the Pere Marquette railroad for most of that time. He was born in W. Virginia on April 14, 1840. Spending his boyhood and young manhood there he felt the call of the north against slavery when the war broke out, and was forced to walk for three days and two nights through the enemies territory to enlist in the northern army. He served the entire length of the war. When the war was over he came to Douglas, Michigan and there married Mary Jane Rhodes. They had two children, George and Florence. Mrs. Baker passed away nine years ago and his son died 11 years ago. He is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Charles Dickinson and two granddaughters, Marguerite and Mary Baker of Grand Rapids.

Mr. Baker and his family moved to Fremont in 1873, 53 years ago and has resided in this city since that time.

We had many Civil War veterans who settled in the area. There was a large GAR group in this county who had a camp where they met on Fremont Lake.

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