19 January 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--Crandall Cemetery

Crandall Cemetery is located on the south county line road, on the eastern side of the county. As you can see below, it is a well maintained cemetery and in current use.Even those two family plots, which appear to have rather old family stones seem to be well kept up. The one in the foreground does no weeds and the plot in the background also seems to have fresh limestone chips and looks very clean as well.
I found at least one of the zinc tombstones in the cemetery files. I love these "stones" and the way they keep the crispness of their design. Even though Mr Heath died in 1876, the letters area easy to read, as well as the drapery embellishment is clear. What weathering there is, appears to only be a little discoloration. It is wonderful to see how well they hold up.
Alas, not all is well at the cemetery. As in many old cemeteries, there are the broken and missing stones. This appears to be the foundation for a missing headstone. There is no sign here that stone is nearby, although it could be propped up nearby.
Another sign of the age of some of the stones here in Crandall. While this Boyd family stone itself appears sturdy, the base ins crumbling. Notice the marble slap type stone leaning against the base. Perhaps something like that happened to the missing stone above.
Where I have heard the sound of complaining about bushes and trees being planted too near a grave stone? Oh wait, I think it was here!. I can barely read the name on the family stone of Crossley. And the smaller stones on either side are nearly hidden. It would be a brave genealogist who braved the pokes and prickles of the evergreen to attempt to read them closer.
I leave with this poignant photo. Our files do not say if this was a tombstone, or perhaps a boarder build around a family plot, such as those shown earlier. It appears to be a child. Was it a farewell to a beloved grandparent? So long to a newborn sibling?
A handprint of a loving family member, preserved in love for those who rest.

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