10 January 2010

Obituary—Mrs Jane Wa_hter

The blank in the deceased’s name was blank in the article, found in the community gossip column. Not sure if it was actually spelled that way, or a typo (most likely case.)

From 4 January 1911 Fremont Times Indicator

West Dayton

Mrs. E. F. Howe, Correspondent

Just as the old year was drawing to a close, our faithful friend and neighbor, Mrs. Jane Wa hter, breathed her last. Surrounded by all her children and some friends, she bade adieu to all on this earth. She leaves four sons, Ira, Will, Bert, and Dick, and two daughters, Mrs. Jasper Sweet of Aetna, and Mrs Forton of Traverse City. She was a good, kind neighbor and many is the sick room made brighter by her cheerful presence. She was well known, and truly loved by all who knew her. We wish to extend our sympathy to the bereaved family.

This was succinct, as most notices were when in the community section of the paper. But the writer, while not giving many vital statistics like birth and death dates, or husband’s name, does give a glimpse of how her neighbors viewed her. And sometimes that picture of a person is as valuable as the straight facts.

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