22 January 2010

Obituary--Clement Henry Abbott

From a 1901 Hesperia newspaper. We do not have the exact date, but it has to be after July 15. We just received the clipping with the year, and no name from the paper.

Clement Henry Abbott who was ill for two years with chronic nephritis and whose death occurred in Newfield, Oceana county on July 15, was 60 years of age, he having been born in Huron county, Ohio, June 12, 1841.
His forefathers inhabited New England in colonial days and resisted the British in the Revolution. An uncle, Chauncey Abbott was a member of the New York State Senate in the fifties. His mother, Ann Moore, was a teacher in the Empire State 75 years ago and her father, the Rev. Nathanial Lucus Moore, a Baptist, probably gave his grandson that inate predilection towards reli9gious thought which characterized his life.
Clement was a farmer and stone mason by occupation, in religion a Free Methodist, in politics a prohibitionist. He was trustee of his church in Walkerville, Mich.; at the time of death. He was possessed of a fund of ready humor and was a man of quick sympathy. These made him many friends. His was of the native type of mind, never happier than was producing something new and slightly different from all others of the kind within his experience, one that Emerson would class as a radical,--noble distinction—but above all he was a righteous man.
Clement was married three times; in 1865 to Sarah Peters; in 1873 to Emma Cornelia Hoyt, and in 1888 to Mrs. Celinda Jane Buck, widow of Robt. Buck. His children are Ethelyn T Abbott of Muskegon, Mrs. Geo. McGrath, and Edward Milton Abbott of Newfield. He has two stepchildren, Mrs. Harrison Jones and John buck, both of Newfield. He leaves besides, two brothers, Ira and John M Abbot, both of Hillsdale, Mich.

What sign of the times, when besides family names, and vital statistics, the death articles also contained mentions of political stance and religious bent!

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