15 December 2009

Tombstone Tuesday--Bull Cemetery

I had intended to go through all the county cemeteries, and to keep track, decided to go in alphabetical order. However, in the absence of any pictures for Brunswick Cemetery, we will go ahead with Bull Cemetery.
As you can see, their are several monuments with unusual shapes. The tall one in the foreground is unusual. The embossing is of a bunch of flowers. I also like the one with the square sent on one corner. I've mentioned before I enjoy the homemade stones. This one above, while the stone is conventional, the base is clearly a homemade one.
Another home made stone that is getting lost in the grass. I think the person was just 7 years old, and died in 1902. The name maybe be (blank) Stone. An interesting thing about this stone though, is that the letters appear to be raised. Usually carved stones have the letters indented. Perhaps this something made in a mold? I just don't know, but it is interesting
I have noticed while looking at these pictures that many are of stones that have been broken. Whether from age or vandalism I don't know. Look at the lovely marble slab above with the carved drapery, leaning against a larger stone.
The above and below stones, I believe are a match. The above stone for Hyram (?) Hopkins ends with the word died. The stone below, starts with a date, and then the age. While fairly legible, the stone nonetheless is broken. That leads me to believe, since this is a fairly rural cemetery, that the abundance of broken stones may have been due to vandals over the years.
Yet another broken stone, getting lost in the grass.
Even the date is hard to read. The bottom of the stone is pitted away.

This is either the base of a stone that has been broken away. Or a very deteriorated stone. Nothing is legible.
There are very neat areas of the cemetery, as shown in this family plot.

The boundaries are clearly bounded, yet there are another few graves outside. These are almost ready to be taken over by the nearby woods. Yet the flag still flies, showing that a veteran is lying there.

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  1. It always saddens me to see stones that are broken or in disrepair. Everyone deserves to be remembered.


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