21 December 2009

Are your genealogy records safe?

In Dick Eastman's news letter there is an article about genealogy records saved in a house fire. Unfortunately I also read a article this past weekend about a lady whose Christmas tree caused a house fire and the family lost everything including her genealogy records collected by her Grandmother, Mother and herself. She said she always was going to make copies and store them somewhere else just in case. If one place was destroyed the other hopefully would not be. But unfortunately she always put it off waiting for a good time to do it and that day never came.
Can you imagine the heartbreak? Three generations of records lost so quickly. Where do you keep your records? Do you have a backup saved somewhere else? How are they saved on if you use disks? Do you keep them updated as technology changes (I still have some 3inch floppy disks with data saved on them).
I have heard so many sad stories of destroyed records in many ways from a angry spouse destroying records to fires or the dog ate them. You never can be to safe. Today with computers it makes the job of saving a backup so much easier we have no excuses not to find the time to do a backup and keep it in a safe place. Heaven forbid anything happening but what if is did? Are you prepared?

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