01 December 2009

Tombstone Tuesday--Amish Cemetery

While some may see our western Michigan county as less diverse as many communities, we do have many ethnic groups. One of the flourishing cultures is our Amish communitee. They have been in the county many years and have a small cemetery that as you can see below is still in current use.
Some of the markers are very simple, as seen below.
But others are more modern, in pink granite and many are decorated with flowers.

Here is one simple and possibly hand hewn stone for Ella Chupp, with a simple flower also engraved in the stone.

One older area shows the outlines of the family plot, containing one large monument and at least one smaller stone.
Not often in cemeteries do you see these older monuments still decorated with flowers. Usually the family and friends are long gone, and the deceased has been all but forgotten.


  1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

    Bet there are some good ancestor stories hidden there...

    Bill ;-)


  2. What a wonderful cemetery. I love all the old stones. It's too bad that so many cemeteries no longer allow upright stones.

    ~Carol Genung


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