10 December 2009

Obituary—Hollow Horn Bear

This is an interesting death notice that appeared in our local paper in September of 1913, even though the death was in Washington. I am guessing it was Washington DC because because of the mention of the Inaugration. Apparently it was still deemed to be of local interest, with the General Custer connection. Custer after all did spend much of his early life in Michigan.

20 March 19, Fremont TimesIndicator.


Was One of Tribe That Slaughtered Custer and His Men—Contracted Cold During Inaugural Parade.

Washington March 17.—Hollow Horn Bear, chief of the Sioux, died at the Providence hospital here. The chief who was sixty-four years old was stricken with pneumonia which resulted from a cold contracted during the inaugural parade. He was ill for more than a week, but with Indian stoicism he said nothing about it. When it was discovered he had pneumonia there was no hope for his life.

Hollow Horn Bear was a member of the band which slaughtered Custer and his men.

I want to raise the question, why was someone who would have been the enemy in the battle, be marching in the Inaugural parade? Or even there to just watch, if that was the case?

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