03 December 2009

Obituary—Mr Zeno Edgerton

Another in the series of old obits we have in our archives. They went into such detail back then. No story was too bloody it would seem.

From the 15 February 1871 Fremont Times Indicator.

FATAL ACCIDENT—A shocking accident occurred in the woods in Ensley township, Newaygo county on the 23d ult., resulting in the death of Mr. Zeno Edgerton of Algoma, Kent county. The unfortunate man was engaged in felling trees, and while cutting one loose from the stump—the gree having fallen and lodged in a binding position—a part of it flew sideways and struck one of his legs below the knee, and cut if off apparently—says our informant—as smoothly as it could have been done with a broad ax. The severed foot, in its boot was left where he stood and he was thrown bodily about twenty feet. He was immediately taken to the nearest house and a Physician called, but death relieved him of his sufferings in a few hours after the accident. –Grand Rapids Press

As I said, no story was too bloody back then. And apparently this was reprinted from the Grand Rapids Michigan newspaper.

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