08 December 2009

Tombstone Tuesday--Ashland Cemetery

I must confess that this week's cemetery is one that I have not visited although it is located in the county. These pictures come from the pictures we have on file here at the library. As you can see it has mature trees and is a lovely setting.
Here is one of those "tree stump" memorial stones, indicating that here are the Barnum's who were cut down. How typical that nothing is written on the scroll. The name is only on the base portion. Notice on the right the marble slab stone that has apparently broken off at one time as it is laid flat on the ground now.
I stopped at this picture assuming the massive granite stone was fairly recent. Then I noticed the death date of 1913 for Milton. At least he has a date. Poor wife Theresa only has a birth date. the death was left blank. Notice too that they were much more clever at that time. They left time for the complete year, not just 19__. So many stones were labeled thus later, only to have deaths in the 21st century!
I am a sucker for a good homemade stone. I am unable to make out the name on this one.
Can you tell Michigan has areas that are quite stony? There are many field stone homes and in cemeteries decorations of stone and cement baskets. This however is the first stone toadstool I have come across.
Below is one of the clasped hand stones. Farewell.
But can you make out the name? While these stones with the male and female hands are usually erected for the deceased wife, this stone clearly states Henry Wolver.
I don't know whose stone this is from, but isn't the detailing of the flowers wonderful?

As I mentioned this is a mature and well used cemetery, still in use. You can see the grass is beaten down and can not grow by this monument. The inscription around the wreath on the side is "TO THE UNION DEAD." Note the uniformed figure on top and the crossed swards on the side.

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  1. FAscinating, I did not know that about male and female hands. I have learned something new. I have seen the handmade stone head stones. There were some made with different colored stones embedded to make the name.
    Thanks for the information.


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