24 November 2009

Tombstone Tuesday--Clark Cemetery

Clark is nearby cemetery that is not city or township owned. It sits near the corners of 3 counties and 4 townships. Across the street from a farm machinery dealership, and sided by a large pole building, it still maintains it rural touch. This classic stone shown above for Amanda Wright shows the clasped hands that was often shown on the graves of wife's who had died.

I have several family members in this cemetery. The below stone is from my paternal grandparents. Although I have found unusual first names are helpful in genealogy, they can also present a problem. Gramp's name is misspelled here and never corrected. At least they had a stone. Grandma's brother and wife are buried here also, near Grandma and Grampa. However, although Uncle Bert had a stone, Aunt Lyla had none. Apparently that small aluminum marker was all she had. Dad made up this stone for her out of cement and wooden letters. Although the letters have since fallen out, you can at least read the name and in real life, the dates. I liked Aunt Lyla. She taught me to enjoy Perry Como.
My Hubby also has family in this cemetery. Although most of his family is in the Holton cemetery, I had searched in vain for the older generations of Walsworths. Imagine my surprise, when, as so often happens, I saw the name Walsworth just before the cemetery exit. The name is carved in the base, and around the sides were the names of Hubby's great-grandparents Artemas and Amanda, but also his great-greats--Elijah and Lucina. I love cemetery serendipity!
Of course I am not related to everyone there. The stones are varied while some are almost hidden in the tall flowers.
One of the nearby roads in one of the adjoining counties are named for this family. I love the log style stones. This one looks like pink granite.
This is such a sad stone. It incorporates many of the commonly seen symbols. The drapery and the lambs. The top of the stones says "Our Little Lambs." And also "the children of _____ and ______ Stevens." Apparently the Stevens children died at the same time. I don't see the names of the children, maybe they are on the sides or back of the stone.
This last tombstone seems to have an urn on the top. I cannot read the name of this rather hidden stone.
But did you notice the little slab leaning against the bottom?

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