03 November 2009

Tombstone Tuesday--Jewell

This week I am sharing some shots of Jewell Cemetery. AKA Dayton Center Cemetery. I have also seen it called Doud Cemetery, after the nearby country schoolhouse in some of the obituaries we have from the early 1900's.

It is still an active cemetery and have just recently seen obituaries with Jewell Cemetery listed as the place of internment.

But as always it is the older stones I find the most interesting. Especially the ones that appear to have been made by the next of kin. Did Clarence's next of kin not plan ahead? Or were they someone who was simply struggling to leave some kind of marker, and doing the best they could?
This appears to be the front of this stone. I think I can make out carving near the top. Did the family plant a small bush as a remembrance? A reminder here to all, remember plants do grow, and sometimes bigger than you imagine.
Apparently a flag marker, this picture was taken in the fall. I know that recently area scouts were removing flags from graves for the winter, to prevent being ripped apart in the harsh winter elements. Did that happen here?
And the disappearing stone. I have great and great-great-grandparents with the stones flush to the ground. Grass grows up, covers the edges and before you know it, its lost.
I must remember to tell my children, I want an upright stone, not one flush to the ground when I go. Luckily, our plot is located with my in-laws and already has an stone that is raised above grass level.
I will be able to rest in peace, knowing the precedent has been set.

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