13 November 2009

Another Cemetery Connection

A week or so ago on Tombstone Tuesday I wrote a post about Jewell Cemetery. While I have never been there, I have had some affection for it, since it's alternate name is Doud Cemetery. When I was in 4th or 5th grade, my family discovered that our home was not in the Hesperia school district, which had a consolidated elementary school when I started school. Regardless of the fact that my next door grandparents WAS in that school district, we were in Doud school district and I should have attended that tiny one room school.

I never did attend that country school, but it was reason to feel a connection to the school and to the cemetery that shared its name.
Then, one day talking with my father, I discovered another reason to feel a connection to the cemetery.
After World War II, my father was on a scavanger hunt with some other young adults, including my mother. They had to go to Jewell cemetery for one of their items. And it was there that Dad first kissed my mom.


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