12 November 2009

The Genealogy Guys

Last Saturday, Sandy and I attended the conference marking the 55th anniversary of the West Michigan Genealogical Society. This "Got Ancestors?!" event featured George Morgan and Drew Smith.

Each gave 3 presentations. I was in the 3 presented by Mr Morgan and really enjoyed the whole day.

The titles of his talks were: The Genealogist as CSI (a great reminder to leave no stone unturned.) Bring 'em Back to Life: Developing an Ancestor Profile (a reason to make timelines on your family members, or at least the most interesting ones.) and last Planning a Very Successful Genealogical Research Trip. (tips for planning ahead, as well as calling ahead.)

Last of all was a session where the two together recorded their "The Genealogy Guys" podcast, fielding questions that had been submitted by attendees.

All in all, a great day.

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  1. I love the Genealogy Guys. How neat that you got to see them in person.


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