19 November 2009

Obituary--Mrs Mary McIlveen (Wallace)

We have obtained the permission of our local paper, the TimesIndicator to reprint some of the older obituaries we have in our notebooks in the Local History Room. While touching, some of the styles of writing and explicit details can cause one to pause. When I cannot refrain from commenting--those editorial comments will be in italics.
From 7 July 1910.
Mrs. Mary McIlveen (Wallace), consort of Hon. robert C. Wallace of Ashland township, Newaygo county Mich, was born at Cogneaut, Armagh Co., Ireland May 12 1841, and together with her father, John McIlveen and mother , Nancy (Austin) McIlveen, emigrated to Chester, Ottawa county, Michigan, in 1847, where she resided until July 16, 1876, when she was married to Robert C Wallace and moved to the farm home in Ashland where they have since resided and where she departed this life, after a lingering illness of some months, June 27 1910. (Whew1 Note that this is the first period so far.) In the many long years of life in Ashland she had endeared herself to the entire community by the native goodness always characteristic of her. Educated in the sturdy old Presbyterian faith of her parentage, hers became naturally a religion of good works, for which she became known as one of the foremost, in her home life.
The great esteem in which she was held was attested to by the large and sympathetic audience who attended the last sad rites at the Baptist church, Ashland Center June 29 at 2 o'clock p.m. After a brief discourse by Elder Charles W Gardner of Bailey, the services were taken in charge by the Daughters of Rebekah, of which she was an honored member, and the closing service performed by the beautiful and imposing service of their ritual.
The sympathy of the entire community is extended to Mr Wallace in his bereavement.

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