03 July 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Cemetery Signs

 Okay, okay, technically these are not pictures of the actual tombstones, but rather of the entrance signs.   Although if you look closely, you can usually see a few tombstones in the background, so these do qualify for Tombstone Tuesday.
 The large Fremont City cemetery is Maple Grove Cemetery.  As befitting the largest town in the county, the cemetery has a very impressive entrance.  The flags shown here were on display for Memorial day this past May.  I love the granite and the contrasting band displaying the name.
Nearby Holton Cemetery has two signs.  This is the the one over the original main entrance.  I displayed both of them on my post in May about Holton cemetery.  I really like the metal arch above the sturdy brick bases. 
 The sign at East Christian Plains cemetery (AKA just plain old Christian Plains cemetery) is more typical of most of the county cemeteries.  Many are just a neat wooden sign, many with a green border, a bit wider than this one.
 Big Prairie-Everett cemetery serves both Big Prairie and Everett townships.  A simple sign, but easy to read.  Again, I like the archway effect.  The two metal poles may be simpler than the brick bases, but the do the trick quite nicely
 Davenport Cemetery is the one that is divided on both the east and west side of the road.  If I recall correctly, this is on the east side.  (But don't hold me to that.)  Lower than some, but the white bricks topped with the gray granite gives this entrance sign a very dignified appearance.
 My home town cemetery has this fairly new sign by the main entrance.  It is clearly noticeable from the road.  Nicely painted with a handsome border and decorative lettering.  Is my partiality showing? 
 Clark Cemetery has an older sign, and is starting to show some wear.  The sign faces the road between the two legs of the U shaped drive.  It is different than may signs, probably because this is not a township or city cemetery, but a private, community cemetery.
I just had to include the Whipple Cemetery sign.  A very pretty metal sign, with some decorative metal vines in the corners.  And I love the touch of the arch being above the pedestrian gate, rather than the drive.
I was dismayed to discover that many of my family cemetery pictures lack a picture of the sign.  This is a drawback I must correct.   And the next time you are out and about taking pictures of family cemeteries, don't forget the sign.

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