29 May 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Holton Cemetery

 This past Sunday, I finally was able to get some pictures of nearby Holton Cemetery.  It is also known, as you can see in the final picture, Oakwood Cemetery.  However, since the county has another cemetery by the same name, in Muskegon, locals commonly refer to it as Holton cemetery.
 Besides, the original sign, as you can see, simply says Holton.
Being the day before Memorial Day, as it is celebrated now, it was lush, and full of flags and flowers.  Holton cemetery is full of mature Pines, and other trees.  Even though the temperatures were high, the breeze and shade allowed me to take plenty of pictures without melting too badly.  (I'll freely admit, I love winter and am a wimp in anything above 75 degrees.
 Holton cemetery is a delightful blend of old and new graves.  This week, I am focusing on older graves and overall pictures.
While not many graves here are damaged, there are a few where you can see attempts to mend.
 The iron bands held somewhat, but you can see that the years have taken a toll on this poor old stone.  At least the pieces are all together.
 This stone for Raymond Mills, while not intact, is still readable and the pieces all there.
The most touching sight was this, after I had driven past my in-laws graves (and my future resting place).  I had passed these stones many times, but without the flags, I never noticed this grouping of eight Civil War Veterans.
Once again, my thanks goes out to those who preserved the nation and our freedoms.
The Oakwood Cemetery/Holton deserves a second glance.  Next week, some of the more varied stones found there will be featured.

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