17 July 2012

Tombstone Tuesday--Peter and Mary Wells

 I thought I would share the stones of my great-great grandparents through my maternal grandmother.  I never got to know any of Grandma's family, other than her sister, my great Aunt Neva.  I am embarassed to admit but as a child I hated to visit her.  It seemed like every time we went to see her, we had a horrible store.  (Trees blown down in the road or blizzards.  Every time!)  On the upside, we got to have "jump steak" which I loved when we visited.  (That is venison for the uninitiated.)
One July in 2004, one of my cousins who also has been bit with the genealogy bug went finding ancestors.  Some of the graves we looked up were ones I had previously found.  I'll share more of them another time. But these in Copmish were brand new to both of us. 

 The graves of PeterWells (18 January, 1844 to 15 March, 1924) and Mary Jane (Nolf) Wells (20 October 1852 to 23 December 1929) are located in the Copmish cemetery, Cleon township, Manistee county, Michigan, along with many of my Stiver line. 
 The cemetery is a split cemetery.  The smaller, and apparently older portion is on the north side of the road and is where my family are located.  At least it seemed to be older.  We never got to the south side of the road because it was much larger.  And we had found everyone we were looking for in the north cemetery.
I must go back there, because althugh I did find the parents of Mary there as well, I had a drop of water on my camera lens and all the pictures after these three have one blurry corner.
But for a Cemetery Diva like me, I can't think of anything I would rather do.

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