10 July 2012

Tombstone Tuesday--The Barto Branch

 One of my favorite ancestors, in terms of just the name is Barlo Barto, my third great grandfather.   (Sorry for the blank space, I didn't realize there was such a large white border on the photo.) 
Barlo has one of those names that just has a rhythm to it.  It tickles my fancy.  Stern looking fellow, wasn't he?
His obelisk type stone is located in Kent County Michigan, in Alton cemetery.It is still fairly easy to read, but not as well as it was, according to my nearly 90 year old aunt, who helped me find it.
 Barlo was born in New York state, on 23 April 1810.  He died 14 November 1891.  I do find it interesting that both him and his wife Fanny Clark Barto (25 May 1811 to 10 April 1882) have the same picture of the clasped hands, although slightly different.  His seems to have a ruffly cuff on the right, while on hers there are no ruffles that I can see, but there may be more detail on the left.
 Her stone faces the west, with more direct sun on it, as well as the prevailing winds, while his faces south.  This can account for some of the wear.  Still without many trees around, they remain fairly lichen free and relatively clear still.
 In the same cemetery is their daughter Edna (18 November 1838 to 9 November 1898).  She is my Ford connection on this branch of my family, as she married Warren Ford.  (I also have this same Ford family connected another place in my Cross line.  Warren's grandfather Barnabas is the common ancestor.)  While Edna's side of the stone is engraved with her information below a carved graceful weeping willow, Warren's side is blank. 
Apparently his location is unknown, even by my great aunt.  Warren remarried after Edna's death and he died in Muskegon, Michigan in 1908.  His burial place is unknown, or at least unmarked.  And as so often happens, the stone remains unfinished.  With such a fine marker waiting for him, it is a shame that his final resting place is unknown.

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