12 May 2012

Obituary--Dr. George W. Nafe Part Two

As I mentioned in my previous post, Dr. Nafe's passing got not only lengthy post immediately after he passed away, but a week later, after the funeral, there was a wrap-up about that.  So without further ado.....
From the 5 March 1914 Fremont TimesIndicator:

Funeral Services for Dr. George W. Nafe Attended by Several Hundred Sorrowing Friends

The funeral services of the late Dr. George W. Nafe were held last Friday afternoon from the Methodist Episcopal church and were the most largely attended of any funeral services ever held in Fremont, with one possible exception.  Every available space in the church was occupied by sorrowing friends of the dead physician and several hundred people were unable to gain admittance to the church.
The body was brought to the church at 1:30 o'clock and lay in state until 2:30, at which time the services began.
Rev. J. F. Bowerman, pastor of the Methodist church, was in charge of the services, which were participated in by all the ministers of the city, Rev. J. H. Wilcox, of St. Johns, and Rev. Dr. John Graham, of Grand Rapids.
Rev. R. W. Paul, pastor of the Congregational church, representing the citizens in general, paid a fine tribute to the deceased physician, as did Rev. Bowerman, who spoke for the members of the Methodist church.
Mr. Wilcox, who was pastor of the local church 25 years ago, gave some reminiscences of the doctor which were splendid tributes to his character and worth as a citizen.  Mr. Wilcox came to a divided church here and leaned heavily upon the doctor during his pastorate in Fremont.
Dr. John Graham. of Grand Rapids, gave the closing address and pronounced ad splendid eulogy upon the life and character.  Dr. Graham and Dr. Nafe were close friends while the former was presiding elder of the Grand Rapids district.
The floral offerings were numerous and beautiful and literally decked the altar of the church where the casket rested.
The members of the Masonic order and the members of the medical society attended the services in a body.
Those from out of town who attended the services were : Dr. Le Fevre and Dr. Garber, of Muskegon; Dr. and Mrs. B. F. Black, Mr. and Mrs. Herman O'Connor and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert O'Connor, of Holton, Dr. J. C. Branch of White Cloud; Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Babcock, of Newaygo and Mr. and Mrs. James Sharp of Grant.

I think the heading of this final obituary notice says it all.  He seems to have been a very beloved citizen, and this seems to have indeed been a tribute to his life and character.    
R.I.P. Dr. Nafe.

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