01 May 2012

Tombstone Tuesday--Elizabeth and Sara Jane

 One of my favorite family cemeteries is the one where my first "discovered" ancestor is.  GGGrandpa Armenus was the first family member I found on my own, since my aunt and cousin had don't a great deal of research on my fathers side.  Armenus is my mother's father's father's father.
In the same cemetery, is the family my GGrandma and her ancestors.  GGrandma Ada was the first wife who died earlier and GGrandpa Roy married her sister Delia, whose son was the Davis/Gilbert soldier I posted about a short while ago.  She was one of the Samis children.
The cemetery in question is in Chase township, Lake county, Michigan.  The family stone is an impressive monument, resembling a stack of logs, with a scroll falling down the front.  If only someone in the family had taken the time and money to inscribe it with the family names and dates.
 Sarah Jane Smith Samis was originally the daughter of Elizabeth and Levi Smith.  And Elizabeth Cunningham Smith was the granddaughter of my favorite ancestor: 5th GreatGrandmother Mary Sitts Nelles Cunningham Johnson.  (More on her another time.)
The original stone of Elizabeth and Levi was one that had more or less worn away.  But this replacement stone was installed in 2006 by some of my cousins.  It is so nice that descendants care enough to keep the memories and resting places of their ancestors visible.
 Over one hundred years after her death, Elizabeth's memory lives on.

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