08 May 2012

Tombstone Tuesday--The Vandalized

There is nothing that quite grabs at my heart as the sight of a toppled tombstone. 
This was recalled to me recently with the news that vandals had struck a large  cemetery in a nearby city.  (These pictures are from another cemetery, St. Mary's here in Newaygo County that I mentioned in the past.) 
While I realize that not everyone enjoys tramping around in cemeteries, trying to imagine the stories behind those stones, I still find it hard to understand the desecration.   Stones represent real people.  They mark the resting place of someone's grandparents, siblings, children.  There is a sacredness and a peacefulness found in cemeteries.
I could get on my editorial soapbox, decrying the lack of respect in some people.  I could say they are selfish, uncaring, ignorant.selfish, uncaring, ignorant. 
But instead, I will be thankful that there are people who are selfless, caring and respectful enough to at least attempt to restore these broken and forgotten stones.

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