25 January 2011

Tombstone Tuesday--George ?

Since I have run out of cemeteries to feature, and covered most branches of my family, as well has Hubby's family, I decided I will need to just feature a favorite stone each week.
This week it is a simple stone.  Only the name and years.  I believe it is for George Gronso, as there is a large family stone with that surname on it nearby.
What I like most about it is the addition of the cow.  There are other stones around with the offerings of flowers, plastic toy tractors or cars, cans of beer, etc.  But this single statue of a cow is so touching to me.
This stone is located in the East Hesperia Cemetery, in Newaygo county, Michigan.  In the same cemetery I have see the previously mentioned items, as can be found in many cemeteries across the country.  In some cases, the little mementos can rather overpower the site.  But still, rather the cemetery than the side of the road or someplace else.  (Sorry, those impromptu shrines at roadsides and sidewalks are my pet peeves.)
In this case, I think the simple milk cow standing atop the stone tells much about the man.  This alone tells me more than the stone itself.  He was a dairy farmer, hard working, probably life-long. He cared about his animals.  And through them, he supported himself, and possibly a family.
A simple hard working man. What a wonderful way to be remembered.

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